SMB Support

Services Offered

  • Desktop/ Laptop Support
  • Server and Network Support
  • Data Backup and Recovery
  • Information Security

Our team of professionals manages hundreds of customers globally, delivering a comprehensive list of services such as Desktop/Laptop support, Server and Network Management, Data Backup and Recovery, and Information Security. We Heal Computers' delivery model is based on proactive maintenance that minimizes incidents; this will increase efficiency and thereby deliver long term quantifiable financial benefits.

How We Work

Whenever an employee in your company has an IT problem they dial a toll free number which is answered by a We Heal Computers technician. Our technician then logs into the desktop/laptop via the Internet and solves the problem. If the problem is on the server the techie logs into the server and resolves it. If your company’s Internet access is down then the techie liaises with your Internet Service Provider to resolve the problem. Our Techies will even coordinate with 3rd party software vendors to resolve problems on applications we don’t support. Over 95% of all problems can be resolved remotely. However, in the rare instance onsite support is needed We Heal Computers will liaise with one of our onsite support partners spread across the world.

Value Proposition

We Heal Computers delivers world class IT solutions at affordable prices through a combination of:

  • World class certifications
  • Over 25 years Remote Infrastructure Management experience
  • 95% remote resolution rates through proven processes and practices

Services Offered

Desktop/Laptop Support:

We Heal Computers is the single point of contact for all users of desktops and laptops in the client company for any IT requirement. We Heal Computers will log into their machine via the Internet and solve the problem. 95% of all problems can be solved remotely. If we cannot log in because of connectivity issues then we will coordinate with the bandwidth provider to resolve the matter. If onsite support is needed we will coordinate with our onsite partner in the client’s location to deliver support.

Server and Network Support:

We Heal Computers will manage all servers and network devices on the client’s network. We perform both proactive maintenance and reactive support based on high level standards. If the client has an application that We Heal Computers doesn’t support then we will coordinate with the relevant vendor to get the problem resolved.

Data Backup and Recovery:

Valuable data can be lost and never recovered due to virus attacks, hard disk crashes, etc. We Heal Computers' team will setup a disaster recovery program that will ensure data is replicated and accessible in case of a disaster with minimum impact to your business.

Information Security:

We Heal Computers' engineers are qualified in CISSP, CISM, etc. This team is capable of delivering a comprehensive security service ranging from compliance, monitoring, and response to any security related event.

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