Online Backup

What is Online Backup?

Many computer users seldom backup their files. They aren’t aware that they may lose their data due to sudden system crashes. Your hard disk may contain various files varying from bitmaps to large databases. A backup process can save all of these and avoid unnecessary frustrations. There are various ways to do a backup. You can do it either by using external storage devices or online backup.

External storage devices such as CD, DVD and USB drives can be used to store data. But they are more likely to get damaged due to environmental factors such as heat, dust and water. Even improper usage of these storage devices may corrupt the stored data.

But online backup is an easier method than using external storage devices. It stores more data and it is secure. Are you aware about online backup services and their advantages? There are various online backup service providers from whom you can get the services.

Online backup is a method of storing your files or your entire hard disk storage in a remote computer server. This is called offsite data storage. Online backup is important because it is an effective method to recover your files. When other storage devices are vulnerable to sudden disasters, online backup will help you to store and recover your files in any situation. You don’t have to worry about your privacy because all your files are encrypted to protect your backup.

Online Backup Support by We Heal Computers

If you don’t know how to do an online backup We Heal Computers will help you. If you have a preferred offsite data storage service provider then we will guide you through their entire registration process to create an account and setup the service. 

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