Internet Security

Enhanced Internet Security for Our Customers

Viruses which infect humans sometimes become immune to anti-viral medicines.  Simlarly, Computer malware can also become immune to outdated antimalware software. So, if you are using anti-malware software you should upgrade the version and update the malware definitions regularly.

It’s easy for cyber-criminals to perform crimes through large networks such as the Internet. Cyber-threats can be prevented. They may vary from bank robberies to hacking passwords. These cyber threats can be prevented if you have enhanced internet security. There are various ways and options to increase your computer’s and Internet’s security. Nowadays most of the anti-viruses are released with Internet security features.

Internet security should be considered an important issue by each and every computer user.

Our Internet Security Services

We Heal Computers installs anti-virus software which also includes internet security features. We upgrade your software and update the virus definitions. We enable the firewall settings. We update your browser and enable the internet security features.

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