Our pricing is transparent and listed right on our Home page. Simply click Home then scroll down to pricing section. Our plans have a small monthly amount for our Advanced Management Agent, then each time you request help you'll pay a nominal amount after the ticket is closed.
To get help, first select a plan from our Home page and check-out.  At the final step of check-out, we will generate a link for you to download and install our Advanced Management Agent.  Once installed, you will see our logo icon in the lower right system tray.  Simply click the icon and a menu will pop with options to get help by email, by phone or by submitting a ticket.  For urgent help, call our Help Desk by phone.
To change the number of computers in your plan, simply logon using the My Plan button at upper right of the web site. On the My Plan page, select Change Plan, select the new number of computers, then check-out. Download and install our Advanced Management Agent on new computers. If reducing computers, open a ticket to request the help desk to uninstall the Advanced Management Agent, or simply use Control Panel on your computer to uninstall.
To change computers, simply download and install our Advanced Management Agent from the My Plan page of our web site, then uninstall our Advanced Management Agent program from the old computer.
Our Advanced Management Agent provides our help desk techs with the tool to initiate a remote connection upon your request, as well as many other great features for your computers. You must have our Advanced Management Agent installed to get help.
You can see your customer number by logging into My Dashboard; simply select the My Dashboard button at upper right of our web site. Your User Name is the same email address you used to register. After logging on, you'll see your customer number preceding your name or company name in the left panel. Your customer number was also provided in the Order Receipt email after initially registering.
To connect to one of your computers remotely, first logon to My Dashboard from the remote computer. From the top menu, select Remote Access > Download Take Control Viewer (this step only required the first time). You will see your computer(s) listed in My Dashboard. Select the computer to which you want to connect and then click the Take Control button above the list of computers.
Sit back and relax. Once we close a help desk ticket, we will charge the same card for the incident that you use for your monthly plan.


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